1. Who is MATS for?

Ministry and Theology Studies, MATS, is offered to high school graduates as well as to professionals who wish to study theology and social sciences as an addition to an already obtained degree or previous education.

MATS provides a solid theological education with practical skills which can be utilized in, among others, church leadership and administration, foundations, NGOs, and in all other work environments that appreciate value-based approach and performance. This is an English-only program.

2. What practical job skills will I have?

After graduating from CTSS you will gather many practical job skills. You can become a skilled leader and an effective communicator able to maintain healthy professional relationships in an intercultural scene. As all our classes are thought on-line you will gain cutting-edge experience in working with virtual teams as well as the ease of using the latest technology. You will learn how to prepare powerful presentations and polish your public speaking skills. For example, if you choose a minor in coaching and mentoring, you will gain basic practical coaching and mentoring skills, which can be used in a variety of professional settings.

3. Can I do a master’s degree in an area different than theology?

You are not limited to Ministry and Theology only. With a degree from CTSS you may enter any college or university in Europe to study Social Sciences.

4. Can I work full time and study at the same time?

Studying online is convenient and flexible. You can take a break from your professional engagement to attend an on-line class, from home, office or anywhere you can access the Internet. Many of our students are professionals, working full or part time. By building an international community of students sharing and discussing their experience in class, you will not only benefit academically but also gain knowledge from real life case studies and examples.

As our classes are recorded, you will have an opportunity to make up lost lectures at a later date. However, remember that a part of your final grade is dependent on attendance.